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If You Start Me Up, I’ll Never Stop

Social Media Marketing in Cyprus: If You Start Me Up, I’ll Never Stop

Black Rocks Marketing is a new born baby and we are its parents. It’s at the stage where we cannot imagine life without it. We are nurturing it (possibly mollycoddling) and we are proud to the point that everyone must hear about it (whether they want to or not).

The thing with this new born baby is that we did plan to have it, but perhaps not so soon. Emigrating to Pafos, Cyprus from the UK was a huge but well-planned decision and employment was left to chance. We knew that we wanted to run our own business in Cyprus but couldn’t decide what it should be. 

Not knowing how, when or where we would be employed was the easy bit – we both have lots of drive, determination and a fair set of transferable skills between us. The difficult bit was allowing the dust to settle after the move, before launching into any kind of work. This proved very difficult because we both started working full-time fresh out of school & college and we both come from families who run their own businesses. Not having to get up for work in the morning fast became an unwelcome habit and before our worldly belongings had even arrived at Limassol Port, we started our journey to self-employment.

Despite our initial concept of a cool coffee shop with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, book exchange and live music twice a week, it quickly became evident that the last thing Pafos really needs is another coffee shop. Or restaurant. Or gift shop. Or really any of the ideas that we were coming up with. All these businesses already exist in abundance – some are well established, and others are new kids on the block, but all are charming and run by lovely people. 

During one of our business brainstorming sessions, we began looking up these local businesses online and on social media to learn more about them. To say it was like looking for a needle in a haystack is an understatement. It felt as though most of Cyprus had yet to be introduced to the digital age. As pleasing as it is to be approached and ushered to a table by a flattering waiter as you pass by their restaurant, it is an old-fashioned practice that simply does not measure up against good online visibility and a strong social media presence. What these businesses are missing is some solid advice, set-up and management in this department.

And there we have our start-up, Black Rocks Marketing (and a great blog headline inspired by The Rolling Stones). Visit or find us on social media for regular updates.     


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