Engaging & Practical

No two businesses are the same. Our web designers will discuss your needs and visions and create the perfect site for you. If your business needs a website, it must be engaging, easy to use and practical. We take the time to understand your business and your needs to create some magic that will work for you.

Mobile & Tablets

It has become critical for websites to be optimised for use across all devices. The rise of mobile phones and tablets has driven this change and we ensure that all sites created by us can be viewed on all screen sizes.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Just because we built it, doesn’t mean that anyone will visit. Our web design includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a way to drive people to your site in almost every way possible. 


Get a better understanding of your online traffic. We will give you the tools to analyse data for your business. Or we can do it for you. We will train you to understand your site and to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more. 

Financial Data


Marketing or magic?


Online marketing is like magic, it's not what you see, it's what you don't see that makes the whole process work.

Your success is our success


We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you are just starting out, or need to redevelop your brand, we can work with you to create your brand story that will relate to your target market and lead your business to success. By utilising social media marketing and online marketing, your business can gain the exposure it needs to grow. We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you. 

Why choose us?


Our team combines the critical skills needed to drive results as well as being some of the coolest people you will meet!

Magic Tricks


Island Rose Cyprus

Island Rose Cyprus is a small independent florist based in Pafos. This ongoing project started as an online store for flower deliveries in and around the Pafos area. The wedding flowers had to be put on hold due to the pandemic but is now fully operational.

Since the wedding flowers took off, Island Rose Cyprus has decided to focus on this area of the business, meaning that the online shop needed to be taken offline. We took care of this by deactivating the online shop,  reassigning URLs, and removing unnecessary and irrelevant content.

Island Rose Logo.png
Island Rose Wedding Flowers Logo.png

FAI Comply

FAI Comply is firm that provides regulatory compliance services to various financial institutions.


This website is being marketed locally and internationally with a unique SEO strategy.

This website is constantly being updated and added to. Recently we redesigned the website whilst taking into account various new redirect pages for a smooth transition. We also assist with all online marketing platforms. We are now fully utilising their newsletters to quickly get important and ever-changing regulatory information to their clients as well as growing their LinkedIn presence.

The Legal Opinions

The Legal Opinions is a small boutique law firm based in Limassol, Cyprus offering an international services through its global partner network.

Starting with a few ideas for the logo, the colour scheme was decided. The website is multilingual. From when the website was launched it has grown and is constantly added to with longer-term solutions in place for future growth.

City Sky
The Legal Opinions Logo.png
Episkopi Dental Centre image for Black Rocks Marketing website.jpg
BOLD episkopi dental surgery logo clear background (2).png
Episkopi Dental Centre image for Black Rocks Marketing website.jpg

Episkopi Dental Centre

Episkopi Dental Centre is located in the district of Limassol. This website has a beautiful image of the state of the art surgery in the background.

When our service was commissioned this business had a Facebook page as its only online presence. The website is now attracting new patients from all over Cyprus. We created a Google Business Profile, which also generates new leads.

We constantly discuss with Dr Athini what services she wants to promote and at what times of the year. 

We have researched and added new pages to the website to make sure correct information is provided to new/existing patients as well as assisting SEO. 

Cyprus Rugby

We approached Cyprus Rugby Federation in 2019 to increase their social media exposure for the international games. We started increasing this but felt we were constantly let down by the website that was in place at that time. We were voted onto the committee and to show our commitment for this for this voluntary position, we built a new website. 

The website that we have built started off much smaller than it is now. We have continually added to it by creating new pages such as news & fixtures, fans gallery, CRF League Championship and many more.

One of our ideas that has been achieved for Cyprus Rugby was to introduce online ticketing. This process was first trialed for the online awards ceremony in 2020 during the pandemic. Once games could be played again we have successfully sold tickets for the home games.

Cyprus Rugby Logo.png
uma-homes-gaia (3).jpg
uma-homes-gaia (3).jpg

Uma Homes

UMA Homes is an exciting property development company that produces luxury homes by adding a touch of spice to timeless elegance.

Their latest developments are in the Sea Caves area of Pegeia, Pafos.

This is a fully bespoke website, designed to clear specifications. By maintaining close contact with the client throughout the design process, we created the website that they desired, which is designed for use on both desktop and mobile devices.

VIVAX Cyprus

VIVAX is a brand brought to Cyprus by Aetos Plus, based in Pafos.


With over 17 years in the market, customers from more than 40 countries have placed their trust in the VIVAX brand!

We were invited to create the website by Aetos Plus, who left this all in our hands. It started with just a small online store offering only electric scooters and bikes. Since then we have increased the online store with all the products that are available to the Cyprus market.

The online store is fully customisable and has its own app for staff to manage orders. We set up all the necessary payment processes, which is the most important part of any online store alongside delivery methods and rates.

VIVAX CYPRUS LOGO(1080 × 560px).jpg

NEW & UNDER Construction

We always have a new projects to work on. Businesses that choose Black Rocks Marketing are as unique as us. We will work closely with you to achieve the website you deserve and that will work for you.

Having a website needs to be practical, add value to your business and have a return on the investment. With this in mind we strive to make this a reality. We are in constant contact with you throughout all processes and we are committed to learning the details that make your business what it has become so far.

Being different is good!

Inside of a Spaceship

Get the site security you need

With the peace of mind you deserve

Website security is a constant and ever-evolving battle against cybercrime, and the stakes for businesses like yours are high. According to Accenture research, the average company experienced 270 cyber attacks in 2021, a 31% increase on 2020.


Do you have the proper security in place to mitigate this level of threat? The websites we build come with a fully managed, enterprise-grade security, your business site stays secure 24/7. Our partners are commitment to protecting the sites and data of over 220 million users – from sole traders to large enterprises – will give you peace of mind that your site security needs are covered and let you get on with running your business.

All your security needs, delivered with peace of mind

A dedicated security team with eyes on your site

Security experts optimise and monitor the platform 24/7 to prevent, detect and respond to potential vulnerabilities and cyber attacks as they arise.

Site backup for rapid data recovery

Have your site backed up and encrypted multiple times in multiple regions to ensure swift recovery and restoration to a previous version in an instant.

Safe encryption of user data in transit and at rest

Our hosting partner uses HTTPS, TLS 1.2+ and automatic SSL for encryption in transit so that your business site data (i.e. user data) is protected as it moves location. AES-256, the most robust encryption standard commercially available, encrypts user data at rest, so it’s secure in storage.

Compliance with the highest industry standards

Rest assured that your business and site visitors are secure through our hosting partner's compliance with the highest international and security standards and alignment with Soc 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and a range of ISO standards.

Two layers of anti-DDoS protection built-in

With Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks expected to reach over 15.4 million by 2023, you need to be sure your business isn’t at risk. Our hosting partner provides two layers of built-in DDoS protection for your site: one to safeguard against malicious traffic entering and the other to handle massive traffic loads and spikes caused by a DDoS attack.

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Don't worry it may sound like rocket science and like an alien language but we've got your back on this one.

How many times have you visited a website and noticed it is not secure?

How safe do you feel purchasing from this site or handing over any of your personal information?


Your customers or potential new customers are the same as you, when visiting a website it should be safe and their experience should feel safe.